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B18A / B18B - Camshafts
The B-series Honda DOHC engines are the most popular and well known of the Honda engines. The B18A, B18B and B20B platform is non VTEC camshaft design. First introduced in Japan back in 1986 in the Honda Accord, the B18A made it's USDM debut in 1990 as the B18A1 found in the Acura Integra RS/LS/GS and remained until 1994 when Honda/Acura released the B18B1 for the 94-95 Acura Integra RS/LS. The Acura badge is only used in North America. The Honda B20B used in the CR-V chassis employs the same cylinder head and camshaft package, but has the larger 84mm bore size to increase overall displacement.

Stage Description Part# Adv. Dur. Dur @ .050 Lift (in) Lift (mm) Kit# Cam Card Dyno Shop Status
Forced Induction Specification
Short duration profile builds cylinder pressure by reducing overlap, high lift for more air intake. Requires kit BC0020.
BC0021 280°/280° 204°/204° .470"/.470" 11.94/11.94 BC0020 In-Stock
All Motor Street and/or High Boost Turbo
Hot street/strip or road race profile. Use with CAI, H, E, A/F modifications for optimum horsepower and torque. Requires kit BC0020.
BC0022 300°/300° 222°/220° .423"/.413" 10.74/10.49 BC0020 In-Stock
USDM B18A1 ('90-'93) Stock 270°/276° 186°/190° .392"/.380" 9.95/9.65
USDM B18B1 ('92-'00) Stock 274°/278° 183°/184° .393"/.380" 9.98/9.65
USDM B20B ('97-'98) Stock 278°/276° 190°/194° .397"/.382" 10.08/9.70
Rocker Ratio: 1.75:1
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Do not use impact wrench/gun to torque cam gear to camshaft.Torque cam gear bolt to 22 ft lbs. Aftermarket cams are chilled cast and require a lesser torque value than the OEM/factory steel cams. If using aftermarket gears, make certain the cam gear bolt is able to engage 3 to 4 threads into the body of the cam. Thicker gears will cause the cam bolt to only engage the threads in the snout, increasing the chance of breakage.
BC adjustable cam gears deliver the easiest way to dial in more horsepower and/or torque without getting underneath the valve cover, disassembling the engine or dealing with onboard electronics. BC gears are CNC machined from aerospace grade, 6061-T6 billet aluminum for ultimate tensile strength. Easy to read, laser etched face features micrometer style markings for precise adjustment (up to 10 degrees in each direction) and quick tunability. Each hub is held down by four Grade-8 hex bolts for maximum clamping ability. Hard anodized finish prevents premature surface wear.
Part # Description Instructions Buy Now Status
BC8801 Cam Gears for Honda/Acura B16A, B18C, B18A, B18B. Set/2 Out of Stock
BC8801B All Black Cam Gears for Honda/Acura B16A, B18C, B18A, B18B. Set/2 Out of Stock
Note: Torque the cam gear bolts, the 4 adjuster bolts, to 18 ft lbs.
619.749.9018 ph
619.749.9128 fx
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